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Connexus Credit Union has a checking account that earns up to 2.3 percent annual percentage yield (APY). The Xtraordinary Checking earns the high interest rate on balances up to $25,000. Details of the checking account include:

  • No minimum balance requirement
  • No monthly fee
  • Up to $25 of ATM charges reimbursed each month
  • Free Visa Check Card
  • Free online banking and electronic statements
  • Free mobile banking
  • Direct deposit
  • 1 percent rate reduction on consumer loans
  • Insured by the National Credit Union Administration

To qualify for the high interest rate you must have 15 Visa Check Card transactions clear your account by the last business day of the month and have one direct deposit made into the account by the end of the month. You also must sign up for free electronic statements and have one third-party bill clear your account by the last business day of the month. Checking accounts that don’t meet the requirements earn 0.25 percent APY. Qualifying accounts over $25,000 earn 0.5 percent APY.

Connexus Credit Union is based in Wausau, Wis., and serves employees, retirees and families of Liberty Mutual Insurance, UMR and Northcentral Technical College. However, anyone can join the credit union by first becoming a member of charitable organization Connexus Association when they make a $5 one-time donation.

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University of Iowa Community Credit Union has a Rewards Checking with a 4.25 percent annual percentage yield (APY) on balances up to $25,000. That’s one of the more competitive interest rates out there and is current as of March 1, 2011. Details of the checking account offer include:

  • $50 minimum deposit to open
  • No minimum balance required
  • Free online banking with bill pay
  • Free e-statements, which are required
  • Free mobile and text banking
  • Overdraft protection is available
  • Free check card with zero liability protection
  • Insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration

Checking account balances over $25,000 earn 0.25 percent APY. If the requirements for the checking account are not met, the interest rate falls to 0.1 percent APY.

The checking account also has free use of ATMs nationwide. ATM fees will be refunded if the following requirements of the account are met: 12 or more qualifying debit card transactions averaging at least $5 must post to the account (excluding ATM and pin-based transactions) and one ACH/direct deposit of a minimum of $100 each month. Not meeting the requirements results in a $1 fee for each PIN-based transaction at ATMs that are not owned by the University of Iowa Community Credit Union.

The credit union serves nearly 80,000 members who are alumni or related to alumni of the University of Iowa, as well as residents and employees in various counties in the state.

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Capitol View Credit Union has a 36-month certificate of deposit with a 2.22 percent annual percentage yield (APY). The CD requires a minimum deposit of $2,500. The credit union has other rates and terms. CD rates are current as of Jan. 19, 2011.

You can qualify for the following CD rates with a minimum deposit of $2,500:

  • 1 percent APY for 12 months
  • 1.51 percent APY for 24 months
  • 2.52 percent APY for 60 months

The following CD rates are for a minimum deposit of $10,000:

  • 1.36 percent APY for 12 months
  • 1.86 percent APY for 24 months
  • 2.52 percent APY for 36 months
  • 2.83 percent APY for 60 months

The credit union has other certificate of deposit products, including CD rates for minimum deposits of $25,000. You can also open a CD for an IRA.

Capitol View Credit Union is based in Des Moines, Iowa, and has been in business since 1944. Employees of the state of Iowa and their family members are eligible to join. Other small employee groups may be approved for membership from time to time. The application procedure includes making a minimum deposit of $25 to open a Share Savings account, which is required for membership.

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Navy Federal Credit Union

Category: CD Rates, Credit Union Deals- fhuff- 9:00 am/ January 28, 2011

Navy Federal Credit Union has a Special EasyStart Certificate that earns 2.9 percent annual percentage yield (APY). The certificate of deposit (CD) has a 12-month term and requires a minimum opening deposit of $50. Other details include:

  • Add minimum of $15 each month
  • Maximum balance of $3,000
  • Penalty for early withdrawal
  • One Special Easy Start Certificate per member

If you are 18 or older you must have direct deposit of net pay, with a minimum per direct deposit of $300. You also must have a Navy Federal checking account. Not meeting the requirements reduces the CD rate to the prevailing standard rate. When the CD matures it renews to a $100 minimum standard EasyStart Certificate unless you specify otherwise.

The credit union offers other CD rates and terms that range from six months to seven years. It also has several checking accounts, and some of them pay interest. Members of the credit union can fill out an account application online.

Navy Federal Credit Union serves members of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Department of Defense and their families. The credit union has been operating since 1933.

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Tinker Federal Credit Union

Category: Checking Accounts, Credit Union Deals- fhuff- 8:54 am/ January 14, 2011

Open a Click Checking Account at Tinker Federal Credit Union (TFCU) and you could earn 3.2 percent annual percentage yield (APY). The interest rate applies to balances up to $30,000. Balances above that amount earn a lower interest rate. To earn the advertised interest rate you must:

  • Use TFCU’s home branch (online access to accounts)
  • Pay at least one bill with online bill pay
  • Make at least 10 MoneyPlus purchase transactions that are signature or PIN-based
  • Sign up for electronic statements
  • Have a direct deposit or ACH transfer

Other features of the high-yield checking account include:

  • No monthly service charge
  • $25 minimum or direct deposit to open
  • No minimum balance
  • First box of 100 checks free
  • No monthly fee for MoneyPlus Visa check card
  • No transaction limits
  • No surcharge fee at the following ATMs–TFCU, ATM Zone and TransFund NC

The credit union is based in Oklahoma City, Okla. Membership is available to military and civilian personnel who work at Tinker Air Force Base, Vance Air Force Base or an Army National Guard facility listed as a business partner; contractors and their employees working at those locations can join. Other Oklahoma residents who are retired from the military, work for companies listed as a business partner or live or work in select cities also are eligible to join the credit union.

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