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$25 Checking Bonus with E*Trade

Category: Bank Deals- gotalkmoney.com- 3:51 pm/ November 30, 2008

I’ve been notified that if you open up an E*Trade checking account by 12/17/2008, you’ll get a $25 bonus. 

Here’s what you have to do in order to get the bonus –

  • Make a minimum deposit of at least $1.
  • Open up the account by at least 12/17/2008.
  • Must be a new account.

As of today (11/30/2008), the APY for this particular checking account is 3.30%.

If you’re looking for a checking account that’s insured and has a great rate, I would advise you look into E*Trade.  They are a reputable company that has been around for years serving over 1,000 new account a day.  I wouldn’t worry about the rate right now because as of the past year or so, this rate hasn’t changed much but it doesn’t mean it will in the future.

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6.31% APY Rewards Checking

Category: Bank Deals- gotalkmoney.com- 3:46 pm/

For a limited time, you can find one of the best checking accounts with the Midwest America Federal Credit Union.  This rate is good on balances up to $25,000.  Anything over $25,000 will receive a 1.51% rate.

Some of the features that this checking account has includes –

  • No monthly fees.
  • Free bill pay
  • ATM fees refunded (up to $25 per month)
  • Insured

If you’re interested in opening up an account, you will need to either call up the bank or visit a local branch.

Visit MWAFCU.org for more information on this fantastic rate!

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3.40% Interest Checking with Bank of Internet

Category: Bank Deals- gotalkmoney.com- 7:52 am/ November 2, 2008

I was doing some research the other day and found Bank of Internet’s 3.40% APY interest checking account.  If you’re looking for a checking account that not only has great features and pays interest, you may want to check out this account.  Here’s what it has to offer –

Competitive rates (the best checking rate I’ve found online)

FDIC Insured

ATM reimbursement (up to $8/month)

Free only bill pay

The nice thing about this checking account is that it only takes a minimum of $500 to open.  This fee is as of 11/2/2008 and remember, it can change at any time.

Get more information and sign up information on BankofInternet’s checking page.

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