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NewDominion Bank CD Rates

Category: CD Rates- gotalkmoney.com- 2:16 pm/ July 29, 2008

This week NewDominion Bank is offering some fantastic CD rates that only require a minimum deposit of $3,000 to open.  Here are the rates as of 7/29/2008

3 Month 3.35%  
6 Month 3.70%  
9 Month 3.90%  
12 Month 4.25%  
18 Month 4.30%  
24 Month 4.50%  
30 Month 4.60%  
36 Month 4.75%  
48 Month 4.75%  
60 Month 4.75%  

For more information on these CD’s, visit NewDominion’s main website.

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Get $25 with Nationwide Bank

Category: Bank Deals- gotalkmoney.com- 6:56 pm/ July 28, 2008

Get $25 with Nationwide Bank when you open up a money market account.  When you open up the money market account, make sure you use the coupon code MM080716  by October 3, 2008.

Here are Nationwide Bank’s money market rates as of July 28, 2008 –

Balance Annual Percentage Yield (APY*)
$0 - 1,999.99 3.52%
$2,000 - 9,999.99 3.52%
$10,000 - 24,999.99 3.52%
$25,000 - 49,999.99 3.52%
$50,000 - 99,999.99 3.52%
$100,000 + 3.52%


Sign up on Nationwide’s official website.

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$100 Contest: IndyMac Vent

Category: Misc. Deals- gotalkmoney.com- 1:44 pm/ July 15, 2008

In the past, you’ve probably noticed that Gotalkmoney.com highly talked about IndyMac Bank.  While, we never saw the bank closure coming, we tend to be on the IndyMac bandwagon an awful lot.  No, they never paid us, we just believed that they offered great rates and customer service seeing that I have dealt with them before.

Right now until August 15, 2008, vent your frustrations about the bank.  You don’t need to have a bank account with them in order to qualify.  On the 15th, we will pick one random comment and send the winner $100, it’s that simple!  Only one entry per email.  Thanks!

To be entered in the contest, this is what you need to do -

Simply add a comment and vent your frustrations!

Make sure you add the correct e-mail address so that we can contact you.  This won’t be made public AND no, we don’t sell your e-mail.

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E*Trade Bank Offering High Yield Saving Account

Category: Bank Deals- gotalkmoney.com- 3:32 pm/ July 7, 2008

E*Trade Bank is currently promoting a very nice 3.30% APY Savings Account, which is one of the better rates in the industry.  The account requires no minimum deposit to open and there are no account fees on top of it.

Upon reading the terms and conditions, there are withdrawal limitations and the rate is obliviously going to change over time.  A lot of the times, this promotional rate don’t last long and changes within a few months but this varies every time.

E*Trade is FDIC insured. 

Sign up or get more information on the E*Trade High Yield Savings Account.

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