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Get Bonuses with your Tax Stimulus Check

Category: Articles- gotalkmoney.com- 1:43 pm/ April 30, 2008

If you’re one of the lucky Americans that are getting back a tax stimulus check this summer, you’ll be quite pleased that some stores are giving you back a bonus if you cash your check at their store.  I did a little research and found a few stores that are offering the bonuses.

Kroger Supermarket – Offering 10% bonus

Kroger is offering a 10% bonus if you cash your stimulus check at their customer service desk.  There will be a limit up to $1,200.  This would mean that if you received a $300 check, Kroger would give you back $330 in Kroger gift cards.  This wouldn’t be a bad deal because we all need groceries!

Sears and K-mart – Offering 10% bonus

Sears and K-mart are also offering the same exact deal that Kroger is doing.  Simply cash your check at the cash register and you’ll receive a 10% bonus in the form of a gift card.  Act fast because the deal ends on July 19, 2008.

Tip:  If you’re not a big fan of gift cards, I would try and get the gift cards and turn around and sell them on Ebay.  If you do a search for “Kroger gift card” right now, you’ll see that some people are throwing up $330 gift cards and they are easily going for $320+.  It’s a great idea if you want even more cash!

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Get up to $45 with Principal Bank

Category: Bank Deals- gotalkmoney.com- 12:01 pm/ April 26, 2008

Right now if you open up a checking account with just $100 at Principal Bank, you can receive up to $45 in bonuses.  The details are as follows –

Set up direct deposit and get $25

Use the Free BillPay system and get $20

Here are some more details –

** The $25 bonus will be credited to your Principal Bank checking account within 120 days when your payroll or other regularly scheduled direct deposit of $200 or more is received twice within the first 60 days your new checking account is opened.To qualify for the $20 bonus, five BillPay transactions of at least $20 each must be completed within the first 60 days your Principal Bank checking account is opened. Payments to individuals will not count toward qualifications required for the bonus.

For more information, visit Principal Bank’s bonus page.

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Get $75 with HSBC

Category: Bank Deals- gotalkmoney.com- 2:50 pm/ April 24, 2008

Open up an interest rate checking account with HSBC and you can get a $75 bonus.  The process is actually quite simple and only requires you to open an account with a minimum of $1. 

As of 4/24/2008, the current rates are %0.05.  It’s not the best rate BUT for a checking account and an extra $75, it’s not a bad deal.

To sign up, either call 1-866-257-3209 (make sure you mention the deal) . Visit a local branch or visit their main website explaining the offer.  The offer will expire on May 31, 2008.

Thanks to BankDeals for spotting the offer!

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Looking at OnBank

Category: Bank Profiles- gotalkmoney.com- 1:44 pm/ April 22, 2008

If you’re a rate chaser or you’re interested in opening up a CD or money market account, you’ve probably never heard of OnBank.  OnBank is a division of M+T Bank that has offered many great rates of the years and currently holds over $65 billion in Assets.

As of April 22, 2008, OnBank is offering 2 great rates which are FDIC insured –

24 month CD – 3.85% APY - $500 minimum

OnBank is also offering a 3.49% APY money market account that only requires a $1 minimum deposit.  Keep in mind that this is a very low minimum balance and also remember that a money market rate can change anytime, so deposit at your own will!

For more information on OnBank’s certificate of deposit and money market accounts, visit their homepage.

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$200 for Opening Citi Checking Account

Category: Bank Deals- gotalkmoney.com- 4:55 pm/ April 20, 2008

I got this invite in my mail the other day and I thought I’d share it with my readers.  If the code doesn’t work then I apologize but it’s worth a shot!  Here are the details –

Open up a regular Citi Bank checking account with $1,000 by 4/30/08.  This is coming up quick, so you better act fast!

Make a direct deposit or at least two electronic bill payments for three consecutive months.

After the first three months, you’ll receive $100.  Do the same things mentioned again for another three months and you’ll receive your second $100 bonus for a total of $200.

This offer is only available for first-time Citi Bank deposit account customers.

Right now, I don’t have a link but if you’re interested, call 1-800-374-9500 and mention offer code CYAN.

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