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Returning Made Easy

Category: Articles- gotalkmoney.com- 3:31 pm/ December 28, 2007

The Christmas season is finally over and chances are that you’ve received a gift that you didn’t want.  Now, it’s time to go to that store and get your money back.  In order to make the return process a lot easier, here are some tips that will smooth along the process

NEVER go right after Christmas

Like most Americans, we are extremely impatient and we want our money NOW.  If you have a receipt, chances are you’ll be able to wait about 30 days after Christmas.  This all depends on the retailer.  The point is, don’t return your items right after Christmas.  Instead, wait about 1-2 weeks.  You’ll cut your waiting in line time by at least half.

Gather receipts

If you didn’t receive a receipt for a gift, make sure that you ask the relative/friend for a gift receipt if they have one. If you don’t want to ask, that’s ok because most stores will give you in-store credit.  If you’re happy with credit, then go right ahead and return the items.

Don’t open the item

If you plan on returning the item, don’t tamper with the item.  This means you shouldn’t open it, play with it, etc.  This will make the return process a lot harder and sometimes you may find that the retailer will charge you an open box fee.  It’s always best to keep the original wrapping and never open it.


Everyone in line is just as frustrated as you and you shouldn’t have to feel stressed out because everyone else has to wait in line as well.  If there is a big line, bring your cell phone and play games while you wait or grab a magazine off the newsstand.  This will make the time fly by.

If you can follow these simple steps, returning an item after Christmas will be a lot easier.  The most important rule to follow is to wait a week after.  If you feel like waiting in line, then go as quick as possible.

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Earn an interest with your credit card?

Category: Misc. Deals- gotalkmoney.com- 3:11 pm/ December 26, 2007

I know the title sounds silly but it’s actually true.  American Express has released a credit card called “One from American Express” It’s actually a very unique concept that gives you interest on your cash back points.  Like most cash back credit cards, the credit card companies will usually reimburse you with your cash at the end of your billing statement.  With this credit card, the money you would have received back will go into a high interest savings account.

Here are some details on the account –

Get $50 after your first purchase.

Earn a very competitive rate.  The rate as of 12/4/2007 is 4.50%, which is very high in the industry.

A FULL 1% of your eligible purchases will be deposited into a FDIC insured account

NO annual fee for the first year

If you’re a fan of the cash back type credit cards and you’re already an American express card holder or even if you’re not, this is a great way to save money while using your credit card.  If you’re interested, you can apply via American Express’ secured website.

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12/26: Better Jump Into E*Trade’s CDs

Category: CD Rates- gotalkmoney.com- 3:00 pm/

If you didn’t take our advice and sign up for an E*TRADE CD over the past couple of days, you might be running out of luck.  Due to the high demand for the CDs, E*TRADE lowered their CD rates just a little bit.  This is a fair warning to all of you investor’s out there that are contemplating it.

Even though they lowered their rates, it wasn’t by much.  The rates are as follows –

3 months:  5.10% to 5.00%

6 months:  5.25% to 5.18%

1 year:  5.15% - 5.00%

All of their CDs only require a very minimal $1,000.  You can find more information on E*TRADE’s official website.

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TDAmeritrade Offers Promotional 5.30% 3 Month CD

Category: CD Rates- gotalkmoney.com- 7:45 pm/ December 22, 2007

TD Ameritrade is currently offering a promotional 5.30% 3 month CD.  This CD is FDIC insured and is a part of a TDAmeritrade promotion.

According to their website, you must open the account with at least $10,000.  The most you’re able to fund the CD with is $100,000.  If you’re interested in this great promotional rate from a very reputable company, you must apply for this CD by January 11, 2008.

Find out more details and the terms and conditions on their website.

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12/20: E*Trade Offers Nice CD Rates

Category: CD Rates- gotalkmoney.com- 2:37 pm/ December 20, 2007

E*Trade is currently offering some very nice CD rate deals.  E*Trade’s rates seem to come and go, so I would personally jump on these rates quick.  They are a very reliable company and offer great customer support.  The rates are as follows –

3 month – 5.10%

6 month – 5.25%

12 month – 5.15%

E*Trade’s 12 month CD is an industry leading rate, while the 6 month CD is trailing Countrywide Bank for the top spot.  All of E*Trade’s CD require a $1,000 minimum.  Please refer to their website for more information.

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