SunTrust Bank
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SunTrust Banks, Inc., with total assets of $180.3 billion on June 30, 2007, is one of the nation’s largest and strongest financial holding companies.

Through its banking subsidiaries, the company provides deposit, credit, trust, and investment services to a broad range of retail, business, and institutional clients. Other subsidiaries provide mortgage banking, credit-related insurance, asset management, brokerage, and capital market services.



Phone Number:

(800) 786-8787/ 7AM - 6PM Mon - Fri


SunTrust Bank
P.O. Box 85024
Richmond, VA 23285-5024

Minimum Balance:

$100 (savings account), $2,000 (CDs)


compounded daily

Current Savings Account Rates:


Current CD Rates:



Anne Russell
2009-09-30 03:45:11
I opened a checking account for my son because he was working and ready to start college. I wanted him to learn how to be responsible with a checking account. He doesn't make a lot of money, just some spending because he needs to focus on his studies. I accidentally wrote a check from his checkbook one morning because I was in a hurry. His account was overdrawn. He got 5 overdraft charges of $39 which ate up more than his entire paycheck for the week. I went to Suntrust and they removed 4 of the charges. I didn't have to go to the media to get them to remove the charges. They did it willingly. One of the charges was kept because I did write the bad check. Instead of transferring the charge to my checking account, they kept it on his and I deposited the money to cover the one charge that was my fault. I do like Suntrust becuase like I said, I didn't have to go to the media to get the charges off. They are human.

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