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From 1857 to 1895, brick production was a major industry in Chaska with up to 11 individual brickyards making Chaska their home. However, the severe depression in 1893 placed all of the yards in financial jeopardy. One of the brickyards borrowed $3800 from George Klein, a German immigrant farmer who owned 80 acres of land. Later, that same brickyard was acquired by George Klein who put his two sons, Charles H. Klein and Christian P. Klein, in charge of the business. The company eventually became the only brickyard in Chaska. The permanency of brick can still be seen throughout Chaska in numerous businesses, churches and homes many of which are over a century old and remain an integral part of Chaska's rich heritage. The production of bricks resulted in two clay pits which, fed by run-off from the adjacent hill and springs, eventually became a single body of water. In 1961, the Klein family gave the City this 16-acre tract. The City, aided by ongoing help from the Chaska Fire Department, created a beautiful picnic and recreation area for Chaska residents



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