ING Direct
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ING DIRECT isn't like other banks.

We do business online, over the phone and by mail. Without the overhead and high operational costs of other banks, we can pass those savings onto customers.

As proof, the Orange Savings Account lets you save with no fees, no minimums and one of the best rates in the nation. The Orange Mortgage has no application fee, a simple, no-hassle application, and great rates that can save you thousands on your mortgage compared to traditional 30-year fixed mortgages.

Our unique approach to banking is backed by ING (NYSE:ING), a global financial institution of Dutch origin offering banking, insurance and asset management to over 60 million private, corporate and institutional clients in more than 50 countries. ING employs over 112,000 people in 50 countries, including more than 10,000 in the US, and has been operating in America for over 100 years. ING DIRECT is a member of the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) which insures bank deposits up to $100,000.



Phone Number:

1-800-ING-DIRECT / 9AM - 5PM Mon - Fri


ATTN: Sales
P.O. Box 60
St. Cloud, MN 56302-0060

Minimum Balance:

$1 (money market), $1 (CDs)


compounded daily

ATM Withdrawl Fees:




Current Money Market Rates:


Current CD Rates:



2009-07-14 10:42:49
This bank is not only too inconvenient to make up for its higher interest rates, but it has horrible customer service as well. Due to the fact that the company 1). has no local branches, 2). "doesn't do" paper checks, 3). "doesn't do" wire transfers (unless you have a verified link to an account at another bank ... the process for which takes several days), 4). "doesn't do" certified checks, and 5). stonewalls customers at the "manager" level (one level up from the "associates" who answer the banks' 800 numbers, my husband and I had to reschedule an otherwise perfectly well-organized closing on the purchase of a home that had been scheduled for over a month. The various "associates" and "managers" gave us cyclical advice and suggestions for what should have been an easy access to OUR money in THEIR accounts ... and when it didn't work, they later claimed that other "associates" and "managers" shouldn't have been giving us that advice in the first place ... but then refused to assist us further in accessing OUR money. DO NOT BANK WITH ING Direct no matter how high their rates are.
2009-07-10 15:53:48
ING is professional, reliable, and provides good customer service.
2009-02-15 08:21:12
I aquired ING due to Netbank being taken over. ING's customer service is poor at best. I noticed transactions on my checking account that I did not make and called customer service right away. They advise to let it go thru and file a dispute. Good idea, let someone drain my account first then dispute?? insane. So much for security. They take FOREVER for direct deposits. My state income tax refund was sent to them on the 11th and not deposited until 20th. I also cracked my ATM card, it still worked but needed to be replaced. If I want a new one it is 5-7 days and they deactivate my account right away. If I want an express card, $25! It can take 2-3 days. Since an ATM card is the only access to your money, you better drain your account before requesting one or pay a $25 black mail fee to try to get it quicker. Yes I do have a new bank.
2009-02-12 16:42:55
I had accounts both savings and electric with ING, savings for quite a while. Really liked them till I had some fraud happen on my cc, lots of small charges. Pain to deal with, had to fax a letter for each charge individually (some where $1.00), and call each company, again there where many, and they eventually sided with one the the scams over me. It was 49.50 so I couldn't do a formal dispute, (the limit for feds is $50). I couldn't do anything about the charge other than complain, I could and did move my money out.
Ray Kivimaki
2008-01-18 12:41:58
I've my orange savings account and CDs with this bank for since July 2003. The ability to do ACH transfers on line is simple and awesome. Until recently (Jan 2008) their rates have been among the best and I've been very happy. However, their rates are no longer near the top and I have to wonder why - are they in trouble or are they too fat and profitable to care? So now I'm looking into www.oneunited.com

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