Grand Yield Bank
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When we opened our doors in 1983, our mission was simple: to help our neighbors in Geauga County and eastern Cuyahoga County realize the great Americandream of financial independence and home ownership.

Our community is a wonderful and unique place to live, work and play. Amish farms, sprawling residences, small businesses, and stables dot our rolling and lush countryside. It is the very uniqueness of our community that has led us to become what we are today...a neighborhood bank singularly dedicated to preserving and supporting the unique lifestyles of our community.



Phone Number:

1-914-902-2775 / 9AM - 5PM Mon - Fri


10005 Wall St. Plaza
Manhattan, NY

Minimum Balance:

$500 (money market), $500 (CDs)


compounded daily

ATM Withdrawl Fees:



Maintence Fee:$3 if balance if balance falls below $500.

Current Money Market Rates:


Current CD Rates:



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