Flagstar Bank
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Flagstar Bancorp of Troy, Michigan, is the second largest banking institution headquartered in the state. It is also one of the leading mortgage lenders in the country and a national leader in the wholesale mortgage business.

Chartered in 1987 as First Security Savings Bank, today Flagstar has banking centers in Michigan, Indiana and Georgia. In addition, Flagstar originates mortgages across the United States, serving customers through home loan offices and correspondent relationships.

Despite its phenomenal growth, Flagstar has never lost touch with its origins as a community bank and never wavered from its pledge to provide convenience and value to its customers.

From its earliest days, Flagstar has taken the lead in developing innovative technologies that simplify processes for its customers. Its Web-based solutions put Flagstar at the forefront of the e-mortgage business, and its commitment to continually invest in new technologies ensures its leadership in the industry.

As a testament to its success, today Flagstar is a leader among its banking group peers in return on equity, a key measure of profitability. Flagstar is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, trading under the symbol FBC.



Phone Number:

1-800-642-0039 / 9AM - 5PM Mon - Fri


5151 Corporate Dr
Troy, MI 48098

Minimum Balance:

$1 (money market), $500 (CDs)


compounded daily

ATM Withdrawl Fees:

Three withdrawls per month at no charge.



Current Money Market Rates:


Current CD Rates:



2008-09-01 20:22:46
Flagstar boasts of wonderful customer service....that was until they lost money and started cutting peoples jobs. Of course, they had very flimsy reasons, but because of being an "at will" employer, they can do whatever they want. Truth is, about 20 people - most 40 years old or older, making $35,000 or more, were fired. Young recent graduates making little more than half are now sitting in those offices. Many were very productive managers making their goals consistently and well respected by their peers and communities. Indiana was not doing so well financially. District and Region Managers were called to a meeting at the corporate office in MI to discuss the financial situation. The next day, they were after these branch managers and assistants with a plan; "set up to fail". Customers were used also to make the cuts - higher fees, no more waived fees, etc. By the way, after the plan was completed, the top dog was promoted. Believe me, there is no new wave in banking at Flagstar - just more of the same - empty promises.
2008-07-18 13:24:51
For the most part I have had decent relations with Flagstar. I have had my checking and CDs located through this bank. I sometimes question the thoughts behind the management of the branch in my home town. Her name is Lois and has caused quite a few mix ups with my account. I live in Brighton and moved my Flagstar Bank to another branch because of these unfortunate situations. Other than the difficult run ins with this branch manager; I have had been treated very well.
Ron Kondler
2008-07-03 18:17:37
I have had the privilege of Flagstar Bank handling my 1st mortgage for over 9 years.I always had courteous, knowledgable personnel with which to deal! Once, I somehow lost a monthly statement, and had to ask for a needed replacement; it was promptly supplied. Accounting was always top-notch, never an error in tabulation. I enjoyed the past relationship very much! I wish them every business success in these days of troubled mortgages!

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