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EverBank Financial Corp is a $3.6 billion unitary thrift holding company headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, employing over 1,500 employees nationwide. One of the nation's fastest-growing diversified financial services firms, EverBank delivers innovative products directly to consumers and through business partners in all 50 states. EverBank provides banking and mortgage services to consumers nationwide and has a retail presence in North Florida. EverBank also offers products through a variety of business partners, including priceline.com, through its pricelinemortgage internet joint venture; The Bank of New York, through its BNY Mortgage Company retail joint venture; and over twenty thousand mortgage brokers and financial advisors through its Wholesale Lending, Commercial Lending, and EverBank Advisor Program. The EverBank family of companies serves 400,000 customers, has $2.7 billion of customer deposits, has originated over $12 billion of annual mortgage production, and services approximately $36 billion in loans. EverBank has continuously been recognized as one of Florida’s top banking performers by Allen C. Ewing & Co. receiving their Top Ten High Performing Florida Banks and Thrifts award throughout 2000-2004.



Phone Number:

1-888-882-EVER / 8:30AM - 5:30PM Mon - Fri


11 Oval Drive, Suite 107
Islandia, NY 11749

Minimum Balance:

$2,500 (money market), $1,500 (CDs)


compounded daily

ATM Withdrawl Fees:

Six withdrawls per month at no charge.


Maintence Fee:$4.95 if balance if balance falls below $1,500.

Current Money Market Rates:


Current CD Rates:



2009-01-15 11:58:02
Paul P
2008-12-09 18:49:44
I read the other posts but I was looking on their site today and see they do have direct deposit. Their rates, introductory or not I find very competitive, unless you very wealthy and looking for a few 10th's of a percent. As for the time it takes to open the account, I will soon see, if it's that slow I will simply close it and take my business elsewhere -- That Simple. I see 4 star ratings everywhere, maybe a couple customers simply fell through the grates. As for being very busy, we are banging on depressions door and are in the middle of a banking meltdown, I guess they are busy.
2008-11-08 22:06:24
Good opening rates but s-l-o-w opening accounts. First account was two weeks. Figured it was a fluke. Second account was one month before they called with a question. They hadn't even started the process yet. When I called each time to check on the process they said "We are very busy. Call back later."
2008-10-21 11:16:55
Very slow processing. Applied online on Day 1. Mailed my check and info Day 2. Received notice that they got my check Day 10. They cashed my check Day 20. Sent me a Welcome email with no helpful information (like how to log in online) Day 20. It's Day 21, and I'm supposed to receive something in the mail within the next 7 days so I can log in online. I applied for a 3 month CD. This is taking WAY too long for an online account. Since they don't do any direct deposit (only checks) and don't actually process apps online (you have to print and mail) they bring it all on themselves. Other banks I've worked with have had this finished within 2 days.
Bait and switch
2008-06-28 23:41:51
Their introductory rates (good for three mos) are sometimes competitive. Their standard interest rates on money market and CDs compare poorly to other banks.
2007-11-19 06:12:51
Slow processing time for opening a new account.

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