Chase Bank
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JPMorgan Chase (NYSE: JPM) is a leading global financial services firm with assets of $1.5 trillion.

We operate in more than 50 countries.

We have more than 170,000 employees.

We serve millions of U.S. consumers and many of the world's most prominent corporate, institutional and government clients.

We are a leader in investment banking, financial services for consumers, small business and commercial banking, financial transaction processing, asset management and private equity.

We are a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Our corporate headquarters are in New York and our U.S. consumer and commercial banking headquarters are in Chicago.



Phone Number:

(800) 935-9935 / 7AM - 9PM Mon - Fri


P O Box 36520
Louisville, KY 40233-6520

Minimum Balance:

$25 (savings account), $1,000 (CDs)


compounded daily

Current Savings Account Rates:


Current CD Rates:



You will regret choosing Chase
2009-09-02 21:40:16
Originally a WAMU customer. Wamu Florida was converted to Chase approx. 8 weeks ago. WIthout warning, the day after the conversion, my ATM card was no longer working. I called Customer Service and was told a new ATM card was on the way. As of today, 8 weeks later, still no ATM card. 7 weeks ago Chase lost a deposit I made. They credited my deposit, per the receipt I was given and then the next day, they promptly removed said deposit. I called Customer Service and they had no idea why that happend. They suggested going back to the branch to get them to fix it. I said, you are supposed to be Customer Service, why can't you fix it? They transferred me around and around, finally said they would escalate the matter to a supervisor. The phone rang 10 times and then was picked up and hung up (not answered). Went to the branch and they put a trace on the deposit. After 3 weeks, I demanded that Chase put my money back into my account. 2 days later, same deposit credited. Called Customer Service again. The deposit was "found" within a week, but the bank has 25 days to re-post it to your account and that is exactly what Chase did. Used my money for 25 days before crediting it to my account. The 2nd posting of the "found" deposit was removed the next day. NEVER BANK WITH CHASE, YOU WILL REGRET IT.
Chase-Worst Bank EVER
2009-08-28 09:11:12
These people are complete morons! We were a WAMU customer and Florida was converted to Chase approx. 1 month ago. The idiots cancelled my ATM/Debit card at the time of conversion, still waiting for my new card that "customer service" said was sent over a month ago. Doubt I'll ever see it. These same idiots "lost" a deposit of mine, so they removed the funds from my account. After 3 weeks, I demanded they put the money back into my account. 3 days later they posted the deposit again. Why? Because they don't HAVE to give you credit for a lost deposit for 25 days.
Chase Bank Thieves
2008-10-03 12:25:44
Chase Bank just charged me $421 to close a $2500(two thousand five hundred) Line of Equity. This closing fee was never disclosed to me, and the contract they had me sign is so vague that they pretty much can do anything they want. CHASE BANK IS A BUNCH OF THIEVES!!!!! I have been using Chase Bank for my checking account, savings account, IRA, first mortgage and Line of Equity, so I have been a great customer for Chase Bank, and after all that, Chase Bank is STEALING $421 from me. I have over $250,000 in my Chase IRA, and guess what? I am moving my IRA money out of Chase Bank. So, not only is Chase dishonest and outright THIEVES, but they are completely ignorant. If you owned a bank, would you risk losing a customer with $250k in his IRA over a BOGUS $421 charge? If you enjoy hanging onto the money you work hard for, DO NOT DEPOSIT this money with Chase Bank. Chase Bank will do everything in their power to *** over!!!

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