Capital One Bank
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Capital One is a diversified financial services company offering a broad array of credit, savings and loan products to customers in the United States, UK, and Canada.



Phone Number:

1-888-810-4013 / 8AM - 8PM Mon - Fri


Capital One Direct Banking
PO Box 4199
Houston, TX 77210-4199

Minimum Balance:

$1 (money market), $5,000 (CDs)


compounded daily

ATM Withdrawl Fees:

Six withdrawls per month at no charge.



Current Money Market Rates:


Current CD Rates:



Doug Ingram
2009-02-27 12:41:37
Been with capital one for over 6 years and just received a notice in the mail that going from 8.9% to 17.5% intrest. Never been late and always paid at least double the minnumum amount they can kiss my a$%
2009-02-25 17:15:44
I just recieved my change of terms letter today and promtly closed the account. So much for improving a weakened economy. Their raising rates on good customers to pay for the deadbeats. Oh well, there's always the Citicard...
2009-02-24 02:34:51
The only business I have ever had with Capital One was a credit card when I turned 18 and a health care loan that I obtained two years ago. The experiences I have had with Capital One have been positive ones so far. As far as the Overdraft Fees go and processing/posting "Highest to Lowest" that I can guarantee you is done by EVERY SINGLE BANK in The U.S If you are not BALANCING your money to the DIME then you will be hit with fees. YES, posting items highest to lowest does produce more fees, BUT before the fees are charged you still end up with a Negative balance. So if you're too lazy to pull out your checkbook to write down your transactions(yes, even check card transactions)then you will only be screwing yourself in the end by overdrafting. There are only a FEW states who do NOT post/process Highest to Lowest. And the reason is because there are STATE laws that mandate banks to process in the order in which transactions were initiated; or to process in some other form. But guess what? People still overdraw their accounts! Bottom Line, BALANCE your check book. Also, one thing I might add.. Capital one has only been in the banking Sector for FOUR Years. They entered retail banking when they bought Hibernia Bank. So considering they have only been in the business FOUR years, I'd say they are doing okay. Much better off than banks like Citibank (which will probably go under soon) and Bank of America. **fyi I've been in the banking industry 4 years, and No I don't work for Capital One.
2008-08-06 11:59:49
I love capital one. They are great to me I call them and always get someone on the phone very fast who is very helpful and like rick said they are great.
rick carper
2008-07-28 19:24:11
I don't know what anyone above is talking about. Everything from opening accounts to setting up a safe box has been the best. I've never had a better banking relationship.
Delfin Lugo
2008-04-17 06:36:18
One week after Capital One took over North Fork Bank (officially) I had debit card issues that the bank could not resolve. I resolved with the help of a Consumer Protection Division of the State of Delaware. Everytime you respond to them on their Secure Website, all they do is apologize without addressing the problem. As Harold Jazz put it, Not the old North Fork Bank I was used to.
Harold Jazz
2007-11-29 10:01:08
Poor Customer Service, Good Rates, Places Holds on large deposits for 10 days even if check has cleared other bank. Useing customer service e-mailing is a joke, they can't even answer most of your questions.. Not the old Hibernia Bank I was used to.

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