Bank Midwest
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Bank Midwest will not stand still. We know that the financial services industry is dynamic, constantly evolving in response to new technology and the demands of the consumer. We believe that our industry will see a convergence of financial services which blurs the traditional lines between banking, insurance, brokerage services and other financial services. But we will not blindly follow the latest trends in an effort to become all things to all people. Rather, we will take a thoughtful approach to the development of new products and services, concentrating on implementing those that will truly add value and convenience to our customers' banking experience.



Phone Number:

(800) 867-2265 / 6AM - 9PM Mon - Fri


600 W. Republic Rd.
Springfield, MO 65807

Minimum Balance:

$100 (savings account), $500 (CDs)


compounded daily

Current Savings Account Rates:


Current CD Rates:



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