Where to Stash your Cash

If you’ve been working towards your goal of saving money, and you’re looking for a great place to put your savings, there are many different places and ways to choose from.  Some places are more rewarding than others, safer, and a lot more beneficial.  If you’re looking to find a place soon, consider a few ways that can really make a difference in the way you save money. 

CDs - If you’re looking for a great way to make money on your money, definitely consider putting your money in a CD.  The majority of CDs have a great interest rate, and they allow people to even make money on money that would just be sitting there.

Money Markets - Money markets are another great way to store your cash.  They have great interests rates, allow you to still withdrawal money, and the best part, make money off your money.

Stocks - If you’re looking to make money over time and not over night, try out the stock market.  This can be risky yet it can be rewarding.  If you do plan on trying the stock market, be sure to ONLY do a small portion of your money to avoid loosing too much money!  Also, be sure to do your research, and get a bit of advice beforehand.

401ks - 401ks are also a great benefit.  If the company or business that you work for offers these, take advantage!  They are a great way to store money and make money.  Many wish they had the opportunity to do this, but can’t so feel lucky if you have this opportunity!

Savings - As always, a savings account is obviously a great way to store your money as well.  This is very convenient for most simply because they have a savings and a checking account at one bank.  This means one trip and only one place to deposit all your money.  Although savings accounts are great, they don’t have the best interest rate!

There are several great ways to store your money away.  If you can, save up as much money so that way you can have emergency money.  Most people today aren’t taking that seriously and are having to borrow money now more than ever.  So, if you can, save up as much money as possible, and make money off your money so you can be in the best shape!

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