4 Money Saving Cut Backs

4 ways you can easily save a few bucks month.

I’m sure if you’re reading this article right now, you’re trying to find ways to save.  There are millions of ways to save but I’ve found the best way to save is by simply cutting back on things you use every day.  By cutting back on these simple items, you can easily see yourself saving a few dollars each week.  I know it doesn’t sound like a lot but it adds up quick!  Let’s get the list started.

Stop the coffee purchase

Americans love to buy coffee and last year’s statistics show that the average price of coffee is $1.38.  If you find yourself going to the local Tim Horton’s or McDonald’s for your coffee, simply cut back completely and brew your coffee at home.  If your office offers coffee at no cost, wait until you get there.  This alone can save you $7/week.

Cut the smoking

We’ve heard the ads and public service announcements that cigarettes are bad for you but they are also bad for your wallet.  The government loves to tax the smokers.  Why do they do this you might ask?  It’s a very simple answer.  The government knows you’re going to pay the tax.  In 2007, the average pack of cigarettes cost was $.4.50 per pack.  If you smoke a pack a day, you’re looking at $31.50.  I know it’s hard to break the habit but if you throw that number out in front of you every time you buy a pack, you’ll find yourself quitting sooner or later.  You’re not only going to help your wallet, you’re going to be a lot healthier.

Go with the tap

If you would have asked me thirty years ago that the foreseeable future included water in a bottle, everyone would have laughed at you thinking on how ridiculous you are.  Well, today the average cost of bottled water costs around $1 and people love to buy it daily!  Bottled water is great for your body, we all need it but If you simply bottle your own tap water, you’re looking at a savings of $365/year.

Pack your lunch

If you find yourself being unmotivated before you go to work, you might be spending a lot of money because of it.  If you currently go out to eat every day for lunch, you’re looking at an average of nine dollars a meal.  This number can add up quickly.  Depending on what you’re eating, the food can also be very bad for you, especially if it’s fast food.  Studies have shown that if you pack a lunch, you’re potentially saving $5 per workday.  This is a savings of $25 per week.

Now let’s say you’re a victim of all four of these.  If you really go back and glance at these, there are solutions to all of them.  I’m saying you don’t have to get rid of them; you just have to put more effort into being creative.  Even if you want to continue to smoke, simply make your own cigarettes.  Being motivated and not lazy can save you a lot of money.  Remember, there are a million other ways to save, it’s your job to be creative.

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