Making Money on your Junk

When times are tough we often look for creative ways to make any extra money we can.  We think about saving more money, spending less and sometimes even think about working two jobs.  One thing that is over looked is simply making money off of your junk.  Do you have things around your house that are just collecting dust and haven’t been used in years?  If so, try selling them!  Often people don’t know they have goldmines just sitting in their home.  Look around your home and see if you can get rid of anything.  There are several different ways to make money on useless items.

eBay - eBay is one of the best sites for getting money off of your junk.  Did you have a certain collection you had years ago that you’ve completely stopped doing, and no longer have interest in?  If so throw it up on eBay!  Everyone is unique and is looking for something different so try selling it!

Amazon - Amazon is another great website just like eBay.  Do you have anything you could get rid of so you can throw it on the Internet?  Simple things like books, barbies, perfumes (even used) are selling and people are making money.  Always give those two websites a shot!

Garage sale - Having a garage sale is always a great way to get rid of your junk.  You can sell anything from dishes, your kids old toys, books, purses,etc.  People are always looking for a bargain and people like you are always looking to make money!

Salvation Army - If you can’t get rid of your junk, don’t throw it away!  Instead give it to Salvation Army.  People are always looking for a good deal and are in need of items that you can’t use.  Not only are you helping out others but you can also get a tax credit as well.

Making money off of your junk is always fun to do and is always guaranteed SOME money.  Clean out your home, sell your stuff, and make money the way you never thought of!  These simple things can sometimes bring in hundreds or even thousands of dollars!  Don’t underestimate the amount of money you have on antiques and junk.

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