Love, sex, rock'n'roll: none impress like your bank account balance!

A lot has been written about love and money. Shakespeare, Hemingway and Tom Wolfe all covered the topic, and even The Beatles even sang that money can't buy you love. The Fab Four were right about that, but mismanaging your money can threaten a great relationship.

This Valentine's Day you may already be with the one you love, or maybe you are still searching for your soul mate. Either way, you should remember that how well you handle your finances can be part of your sex appeal.

Paying for the rock 'n' roll lifestyle

It's amazing how hard some people try to impress the opposite sex. They wear the most fashionable clothes and own all the latest toys of the ultra-rich. But behind the convertible sports car and the Gucci handbag is a bill that needs to be paid. And by the way, sometimes that bill is from a credit card company that charges interest rates as high as 29 percent a year. Ouch. Suddenly, all that glitz doesn't look so great.

By now you have probably already heard the statistics about our economy. Because Americans had trouble paying their bills, the U.S. has had a record number of foreclosures and credit card delinquencies. Last year, the number of people filing for personal bankruptcy increased to over 1.5 million.

Americans propensity to overspend has to be considered a major contributor to these woes. Remember the 125 percent home equity loan? Or how about all the credit card offers with high limits? Americans were tempted with easy credit, which they were happy to take to the maximum.

Why debt and divorce go hand in hand

The recession has also had an effect on love and marriage. Data from the U.S. Census shows that the marriage rate fell further as the unemployment rate increased. In another sign that times are tough, the number of people filing for divorce without an attorney increased greatly in the last year couple of years. Beyond all the economic statistics is the simple truth that money issues can be a leading cause of stress for families as they struggle to live within their means.

Money issues are important in both the single and married world. Dating experts typically list financial compatibility as very high on their list of what to look for in a relationship. While no one wants to be with someone who is overly thrifty, the days of overwhelming your date or spouse with wild spending may be over. Instead, a healthy bank account and financial prudence have become more alluring.

Saving money is sexy

You might not think that stocking away extra money in a 401K or opening a money market account at a bank will improve your love life, but you could be wrong. The fallout of all the economic turmoil of the last couple of years is that your money management skills have increasingly become part of your appeal to the other sex. This is especially true if you survived the last few years of financial turmoil relatively unscathed.

It used to be you that you could spend to impress. In fact, men and women were probably attracted to some of the false trappings of consumerism. But today men and women are scratching beneath the surface and looking for some substance.

In the last three years, the personal savings rate in the U.S. has tripled. The dating paradigm is changing as well. Flashy is out and financially savvy is in.

So maybe you don't look quite as good as George Clooney or Angelina Jolie. Or you don't get invited to the hottest parties in town. Well this is nothing to worry about because you have something even better. You are building good credit and growing your retirement savings by staying disciplined. And this Valentine's Day, that makes you a financial rock star.

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