How to Trim your Utility Bills

When a bad economy comes into play people often panic and look for ways to save money.  There are several things you can do to trim your current bills in half.  One thing that we’re going to look at specifically is how you can cut down on your utility bills.  Utility bills are something we hate paying yet something that can be easily reduced.  Think of how much you’re spending now and continue to read below to find out how to lower that cost immediately.

We often leave our heat on or our air on when we’re not even using it.  We may leave for the day and keep it running which will jack up the cost for the month.  Why run the thermostat if you’re not even using it?  Instead, purchase a programmable thermostat.  You can tell it what times you want to have the air/heat run and tell it when it shut it off on a daily basis.  Now you can start by saving money thanks to a new thermostat.

Laundry Time:
When we do laundry we’re running up the water and energy part of our bill.  If you want to avoid doing this so much consider a Energy-Star-qualified clothes washer.  They are known for saving up to 40% on our bill.

No More Gaps:
We often have a lot of little gaps around our home that let out that warm/cool air we want.  Simply do a check around your home and caulk up any noticeable holes you may see.  Great places to look for starting are around doors and windows.

Bulb Switch:
What kind of light bulbs are you using around your home right now?  They are most likely those basic ones that we find on sale, right?  If so, consider a different and better solution for light.  Check out compact fluorescent light bulbs.  The ones that are Energy Star rated are known to use 75% less energy than that traditional light bulb.  Also, they last for up to 10 times longer!

Leaky Toilet:
Do you have a leaky toilet?  If so, you may be wasting up to 200 gallons a day or 73,000 per year!  All of that water costs us a lot of money.  Doing a simple fix to a leaky toilet can really help us save on our utility bill.  Although, how do you know if you have a leaky toilet?  Put a drop of food coloring into your toilet tank and if it shows up in the bowl, you have a leaking toilet.

Refrigerator Solution:
What kind of refrigerator do you currently have in your home?  Most of us have old and outdated ones, which is fine but they tend to be the biggest energy eater in our kitchen.  An Energy Star model will consume 40% less electricity than a model that was made 8+ years ago.

There are many different things you can do to help cut down your utility bill.  If you’re really looking to save money consider these tips and make the changes that are suggested.  Taking care of these problems will leave you a utility bill that you can laugh at because it’s so cheap!

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