How to Save Money on Gas

A few months ago we’ve seen gas prices higher than we’ve ever seen them before.  Gas as we all know isn’t cheap, and is needed to go on throughout our days.  With today’s economy thrown on top of high gas prices we’re looking to do anything and everything we can to save a buck or two.  There are ways to go around gas prices and to spend less, you just need to take into consideration a few things.

Carpool - A great way to save on gas is simply by carpooling.  If you can get a friend or relative to carpool with you, you’ll save half of your money spent on gas!  This is a great way to stay in touch with others, save money and help the environment. 

Gas credit card - Getting a gas credit card may seem like it’s not worth it but it definitely is!  With a gas credit card you’re able to save up to 10% on all your purchases.  Lets say you spend $50 a week, you’re able to save $5.00 every week, times that by 52 weeks, you’ve already saved $260!  This is a huge advantage and is great way to save more money.

If you’re looking for a gas credit card check out www.findgascards.com, for all the best credit cards on the market!

Maintenance - Another way to save on your gas bills is by taking care of your vehicle.  This means get your oil changed regularly and make sure your tires are always properly inflated.  Uninflated tires is one of the number one reasons for bad gas mileage.

Fuel efficient vehicle  - If you’re looking to get a new vehicle in the near future, make sure you consider getting a fuel efficient one.  This is obviously the best way to save money on gas and is definitely nice to have.

Combine - It is always a good idea to try and do all your errands in one day or in one trip.  For example, if you can, do your grocery shopping when you get home from work and so on. 

Gas is one of the most expensive bills we have and if we can help reduce the costs of our gas bills, we need to take advantage of it.  Consider these tips above for ways on how to start saving money on gas.

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